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Your account is your single login for all of your characters. Advantages of using a single account

  • See all your characters in 1 place (so you don't forget anyone!)
  • See if any of your characters have mudmail.
  • Clan membership is based on accounts (don't have to induct/manage so many individual characters).
  • House access based on account (you allow accounts of characters access instead of a bunch of individual characters)
  • Shared bank balance across all characters.
  • Communication channel and other game preferences (pagesize, color prefs, etc.) are shared between all chars (i.e. if you can access the HERO channel on any character, you'll see it on all of them).
  • Paragon bonuses for all characters in your account.
  • Exploring numbers seen on AREAS COMPLETE is based on exploring by all characters on the account.
  • Nobility rewards are based on account.